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Know about us Mera Target

Mera Target is a Courier service provider. Mera Target is providing excellent and reliable express delivery services to the Delhi/NCR.Mera Target is family owned and operated so customers know their delivery is being handled by someone they can trust. Our delivery partners are more active and experienced.

Mera Target is known for meeting its supply and demand needs consistently. Large companies use our services because our experience with express deliveries helps us provide the high quality delivery customers should expect. Mera Target delivers throughout the Mega city of India and surrounding.

Mera Target specializes in micro logistics delivery services across Delhi-NCR and  provide same day delivery services. For instance, we provide pick up and drop services  for almost all your major needs:

  • Gifts Delivery Services
  • Document Delivery Services
  • Bulk Delivery Services
  • Corporate Gifts Delivery Services
  • Wedding Cards Delivery Services
  • Books Delivery Services
  • Gadgets Delivery Services
  • Courier Delivery Services
  • Medicine Delivery Services

Delivery service in Delhi NCR