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Our Core Features

Mera Target is providing the best same-day delivery service at high speed in Delhi NCR.

Our delivery agents are always available. We assign the nearest courier with the highest rating within 7 minutes.

Probably we provide you with the fastest and cheapest delivery service ever. Contact us for bulk orders.

Our delivery agents are well behaved and always ready to help you delivering your products.

If you opt for COD with us.You can negotiate with our delivery agent, at which point he will be paid.

We take complete care of your privacy. Your parcel is safe with us and noone is going to see what is in there except the one you are sending for.

24/7 support system is available for you, Feel free to contact us. Check your booking status right from your dashboard.

why choose us?

We are not only providing best and cheapest delivery service but also giving a fair chance to the students/freelancer or anyone who want to earn in their free time.

Mera Target provides an open platform for the delivery agents to get registered and earn in their spare time.We prefer delivering services through motorcycle, cycle or by walking which not only reduces the traffic on road but also is enviromental friendly.

In this corona pandemic, we are taking full care of your safety. Our delivery agents are being checked on regular basis moreover they are well equipped with mask and senitizer.

We have developed an innovative approach to make your booking experience the easiest and hustle free. You can book a courier on our website within one minute and arrange your delivery without any unnecessary paperwork and without making calls 24/7.

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